Monday, April 1, 2013

Sarmiento Update 13-03-31

From Chief Scientist Jordi Font,

Sunday report:

- New ASIP deployment at 23 52.5', 38 24.6'. Will be recovered after 34-35 h
- Continued drifters deployment. All Pacificgyre released, now releasing ICM units
- Picked up three ICM+LOCEAN prototype drifters released the previous day

Plan for Monday:

- Finish drifters deployment in the 75 nm x 75 nm central box
- 7 CTDs along 38 41.4' spaced 15 nm
- Recovery of ASIP and Apex
- Decide new SeaSoar + floats sampling strategy. Probably targeting again the SE low salinity area

We placed one drifter (#114994) in the same point where we had deployed the first one on the 27th (#114956) and that apparently has never emitted.

Concerning multiple deployments, we released a triplet near to WHOI mooring, another one outside (SE) from the central box where we had observed the maximum S gradient, and a third one in the NE corner of the box.

Now we have a certain shortage of drifters (CTDs and drogues being used in experimental short-term deployments) and will just fill the 36 points in the box without more triplets. We still will have four drifters (one with CTD at 5, 10 and 50 cm) for work in the low salinity area we are targeting for the last part of the cruise.



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