Sunday, March 31, 2013

Nights on a research vessel

A research cruise is a twenty-four hour operation. Some instruments, like the SeaSoar, need constant supervision. This means the operators have to work in shifts around the clock. Other measurements have to be taken at a specific time of the day, and sometimes the schedule changes quickly and people need to arrange a spontaneous recovery of an instrument.
Night on deck of the SARMIENTO
Kintxo and Miquel check the APEX float before the deployment
Nonetheless there are moments to relax and enjoy the views of the deep blue ocean at day or gaze at the white moon reflecting of the black sea surface at night.
The nights on the vessel are impressive. The sky is usually clear and there is nothing around us that emits light, except for the ship. The perfect opportunity to sit on deck and watch the moon and stars while the ship gently rocks on the waves.Yesterday we had full moon and the views of the moon are simply fascinating at night.
The moon light causes a halo in the night sky

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