Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Endeavor Update 13-03-26

From Endeavor Chief Scientist Ray Schmitt,

Just a quick update from Endeavor. Yesterday we successfully released and redeployed the WHOI mooring.  Perfect weather and Jeff was great as always. Today we launched 5 gliders; the two micro gliders were put in near Brian Ward's ASIP from the Sarmiento. We also recovered two Wavegliders.

Tonight we are steaming south to recover a drifting Seaglider, the mixed layer float and the PICO North mooring. If all goes well with those recoveries on Tuesday, we should be back on-site Wednesday for PICO mooring servicing (Prawler replacement on PICO-East) and if possible, the redeploy of PICO-North.  And recovery of 2 more Seagliders and 1 waveglider.

And Jordi invited me for lunch on the Sarmiento Wed.  We will play up the international cooperation angle, and plan some further work.  They have been generating some nice Seasoar sections.

Weather has been good here so far, though there are hurricane-force winds forecast north of us.


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