Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sarmiento Update 13-03-27

From Chief Scientist Jordi Font:

Last night we started releasing Luca's drifters (#114956, 114955, 114905, 114906, and a triplet 114814-114952-114911). We deployed again ASIP near to WHOI mooring and are now steaming south towing SeaSoar according to the strategy agreed yesterday in the joint Sarmiento-Endeavor meeting. Find attached a figure with release positions and planned SeaSoar track.

The rest of drifters will be released in the forthcoming days, using the time intervals between ASIP deployments.

On Wednesday we also deployed an Apex float in 24.702 -38.146 to perform shallow cycles (200 m). It has not been notified to the Argo system as we intend to use it in short deployments. We will send its positions in order to be included in the overall SPURS positioning data set (even it only surfaces for a few minutes every 4 h). We plan to pick it up on Saturday, after ASIP for a joint deployment on Sunday in the low salinity area in the SE that we are now going to map.

You can see many pictures in our ICM blog (translated version)



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